That One Person

Ever been stuck between a rock and a hard place?

Ever been confused how you got there to begin with?

Ever wonder how much pressure your mask can take?

Ever had your mask crack?

Just the slightest fissure…

Ever feel like you’ve lost yourself?

Just trying to survive

Just trying to fit in

Just trying to feel comfortable

Has anyone ever seen that crack in your mask?

Have they tried to open the crack?

Did they by any chance see any of the blemishes on your mask?

Did they offer to help you fix your mask?

Were you too lost to tell them how

Were you grappling with that last bit of your facade?

Were you trying to hold it together?

Were you trying to seal the crack and hide?


It cracked

In front of the one person it shouldn’t have

The blemishes were flashed in front of that one person

That one person you wanted to hide it all from

The one person you were trying to fool

The one person you were trying to be honest with

The one person that noticed

And you were hoping they would take you at face value

You were hoping they wouldn’t search

You were hoping that little black box would stay hidden

You were hoping the black box wouldn’t surface

So now they question you…

How’s your mask holding up now?

Or did you slip up and show them a sliver of the real you?

Not so happy-go-lucky are you?

What happened to your mask?

Why did it break?

In front of that one person…


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