So two worlds collided

The blue world and the kaleidoscopic world

The kaleidoscopic world began to revolve around the blue world

When the kaleidoscopic world tried to balance the revolution

The blue world deemed it unimportant

Instead of fighting for balance

It became a moon in every since

Only there to bring light to dark nights

But then a shadowed planet entered the revolution

The new invader brought back memories

The new invader reminded the moon of what it once was

The new invader reminded the moon of what it had wanted all a long

What it had been searching for all a long

The moon cloaked planet began to break free

The kaleidoscopic planet began to break the orbit it had submitted to

But it stopped

Far too aware of the fragility of the other

It made the decision to wait

Just until the next eclipse

Just until the next alignment

Just until it knew what it was doing was right

But  then again who knows what is right anymore

Who knows whether your decisions will blow up in your face

Who knows when you will forgive yourself

Who knows how to handle every aspect of life

No one knows…

Things are bound to crumble

People are bound to come into your life

To show you what you strayed so far from

To show you what you are so close to

To remind you of what you had been told was impossible

To remind you of your past, present, and possible future

To make you question the decisions you made previously

To help you find yourself again

And to remind you there’s nothing wrong with you

The world is just too stupid to appreciate you for you


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