Emotions Entwined

Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake

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So i was just listening to Mayday Parade‘s song When I Get Home, You’re So Dead and it reminded me I needed to get back to writing.  Or more truthfully it reminded me of a friend.  Within this song they sing,”…Girls make boys cry…”.  Sadly enough I think she’s going to make him cry…


A mistake is a mistake

Regardless of the conditions

But a mistake can be a catastrophy

Entwined emotions

Taut enough to snap like wire

But fragile enough to shatter like glass

When one breaks away the other one snaps

One wire is strong

One wire is brittle

The strong wire is taking all the strain

But the weak wire is firmly coiled around it

The strong wire chose wrong

Went against first instinct

Now the strong wire is trapped by a choice

Continue with the strain and eventually break

Or possibly destroy the other wire trying to breath

The Conscious is a strong enemy

There is no hiding from it

There is no pretending desired ignorance of the issue

It’s so frustrating

What you want is so close at hand

Yet the mistake keeps it so far away

Entwined emotions…

How do you escape that unscathed?


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