Don’t Do That Dummy!!!

So the female mind is a complicated thing when males are in the mix.  Let’s just throw this one out there.  Ok, you’ve been talking to this guy for close to 4 months.  In the beginning (lol this sounds so clique) you were both getting to know each other.  He was coming from a bad relationship and he said he was just looking for a friend.  You, the female, said ok but in your mind you aimed for becoming his girlfriend.  He presented you with all the signs of someone only looking for a female friend but you ignored them.  He even went so far as to not talk to you for a whole month but you still pressed on.  His close friend, who was attempting to “help” him forget the fact that he had been burned, was telling you he didn’t mean it when he said he was looking for a friend.  So who do you listen to?  The friend, of course, because the friend is saying what you want to hear, not the truth.  He’s saying one thing but she, the friend, is saying another thing.  So you decide to fly to where he lives and surprise him.  Well not only is he surprised, he’s ticked.  He never invited you to visit him.  In fact, every time in the past when you mentioned visiting him, he ignored what you said or he changed the subject.  So he sits down and has a heart to heart with you.  He explains bluntly what his actions, words, and mannerisms had been communicating all along…he just wants a friend.  You get angry because he’s rejected you instead of praising you.  So you storm away.  You get to the nearest computer and you do everything in your little power to destroy his name so others will think the worst of him.  Then you get together with your friends.  Together you and your group of friends concoct a scheme to blame another female, you don’t like to begin with, for your embarrassment.  So you accuse her and she answers you.  So you hide behind your friends and hope your friends will tear her to shreds.  It doesn’t work as planned and everyone now wants to know why you accused her to begin with.  So you’ve now made an even bigger fool of yourself.  What should you do?  I’ll continue on this subject in about a week.


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