It’s Sad to Know

It’s sad to know
You thought so little of me
That you thought games were sufficient
That you thought I was too blind to see
It’s sad to know
I’m written off because I lack experience
In an area that everyone is exuberant to attain
What is the point of saving it?
What good will it do you?
Join us they cry
Join us willingly
Or we will send our hunters
We will do our best
To force your hand
We do not like change
We do not like individuality
You will join us in our misery
They smile in your face
But their actions speak for them
Drink with us
Party with us
They’ve already sent one hunter
He failed to complete his mission
Who will the next hunter be?
Charming, resourceful, polite, handsome?
How will he approach me
What will he see
What will he attempt
It’s sad to know
That within the cacophony of their cries
They have no heart
No mind
And no will


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