Nobody likes confrontations right?  Some people however thrive in such situations.  While others turn and haul tail and hope to God the subject is just dropped.  Then there are also those that do an excellant job of staying calm and talk out the problem…too bad not enough of these people exist.  It’s quite annoying if you’re in a relationship, friendship or not, for one take a problem and attempt to turn it into some joke.  If it’s a problem fix it.  Is that too much to ask?  Both of you need to sit down a calmly talk.  However, generally this does not occur.  Go figure right.  I’m still trying to figure out why people who claim to be “grown” still act like children when they collide with a problem.  If you are an adult act like one.  If you are a child act like one.  If you are an immature adult, then have the ability to recognize it within yourself. 
    Yes it’s hard to admit your short falling but know when you have them.  Even if you don’t tell your friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend realize and recognize it in yourself so you may being to take the necessary steps to changing you.  A person can’t change others.  Others need to want to change, which is something I sometimes forget but it’s imperative.  A relationship doesn’t work unless both people are putting something in it.  One person alone cannot hold a relationship together.  It takes two willing people.  When in a relationship the two people change together.  Possibly not at the same pace but they both change together.  Each person picks up the other persons habits.  It’s a job just like everything else.  Cash just isn’t your payment. 
     I wonder if people were calmer and didn’t mind discussing problems, if there would be fewer broken relationships.  There are feuds that last for decades and nobody knows the cause of them. Is that not ridiculous?  Being stubborn also causes problems but stubbornness usually hides a person’s pride.  Nobody wants his or her pride broken but sometimes it has to happen.  It’s not in the least bit pleasant but at times it needs to occur to bring someone back to reality. 
    If your in a relationship, both parties should be chasing eachother not one party doing all the work.  That’s how relationships become or start off unbalanced.  One gives too much and the other doesn’t give enough.  Which leads to one taking the other for granted and thinking the other won’t go any where.  If you don’t appreciate or show as much interest in them as you do to others, someone else will do it in your steed.  It’s a simple concept that applies to all types of relationships.  If you are that into them, you’ll know most of the time without being told if you are doing something or if something is bothering them.  Spending time and speaking with a person even if it’s only 2 or 3 times a week will tell you a lot about a person.  His or her tendencies will be obvious to you.  And if you at least text or talk to said person everyday just a little, he or she won’t feel forgotten.  But both parties need to do this, not just one person.  It’s a lot of work, which is why so many people enjoy being just friends.  Don’t get into a relationship if you are not willing to work.
    Once again I’ve had a lovely word vomit moment lol.


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