A planet within a planet

Oddly enough a person would assume one lives to prove a stereotype wrong but I have been proven wrong.  I’m truly like a fish out or water in my temporary area of living.  I’m not quite sure what I need to do about it.  The only conclusion I can come to is that they don’t quite understand the connotations of their actions.  Well it may be that they just don’t care.  I truly don’t really know what to do with these people.  It’s like they’re a completely different spieces on the planet earth not yet discovered.  Also the men here are skirt chasers.  Most of them are under disguise skirt chasers but what can one do but shake their head?  I do know one thing though, I taking my poetry back up.  I can’t keep up this whole word vomit phases.  By time I write here, I’m ranting and some may not really understand everything connected.  I have a tendency to jump back and forth between subjects.  Oh well I know with my poetry, I will be a lot more organized.  Besides it’ll be refreshing.


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