Customer is SUPPOSED to be KING

I seriously despise people at the front desk who are supposed to help you but give you attitude instead. WTF. No I go to the front desk to ask where my mother’s room is but she refuses. So I have to call my brother down from his hotel room. And what do you know, she gives him exactly what I wanted. I know I look young but is it so difficult to call the room for me like you did for my brother? Good grief all you had to do was call the room and confirm who I was. On top of that my mom doesn’t have her cell phone turned on. Rude and uncouth people grate on my nerves, especially when I’m being respectful and calm. Good grief. But on a better note, I’m gonna walk around the city for kicks. Running and walking always help calm me down…well at least until everything starts hurting. Maybe there is something therapeutic is keeping a journal after all… Yea I’m not gonna dwell on that too much. +.0 I will most definitely go see Despicable Me. I think that’s enough for today. XD


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